Speak into the silence of every uncomfortable moment

20 Sep
Cathedral of St. Philip.  Atlanta, GA.

Cathedral of St. Philip. Atlanta, GA.

Great Redeemer, You liberate us from our mistakes and allow us to reclaim our identity as children of God. And even though we would like to just jump into our destiny, guide us through each step of this journey and launch us into new possibilities.

Renew our commitment to the new covenant and help us to understand Your truth, especially when we don’t want to understand. Stop us from arguing with each other on who is right and who is wrong because “we cannot evangelize if we demonize each other” (T.D. Jakes). Bring us back to being the children of God who simply love as they are loved.

At some point in time, we will all have to face ourselves and see what we did with this life. Lord, speak into the silence, speak into the brokenness and speak into every uncomfortable moment so that our “life would speak more loudly than our lips”(William Ellery Channing). Let this world see more of You in each and everyone of us.

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