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Let Your Kingdom Come

You hear our the cries of our hearts.   Father we understand that Your forgiveness, reconciliation, blessing and favor are all given to us for a reason, for a purpose and today we pray that You would forgive us.  Forgive us for when we’ve really messed up.   We need Your grace, we need Your mercy, we need Your forgiveness, we need Your love.  So as we worship You today, we don’t want our worship to be perfect.  We don’t want our worship to look good.   We want our worship to be good.   So we need to live our lives out as a thank You to our Creator by living Heaven here on earth.  Let Your Kingdom come.  Let it come into our hearts and minds so that Your will be done and not ours.  So here we our Lord, Your flock listening for Your voice.  Guide us always so that Your Kingdom on earth can be as it is in heaven.

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Take my life

To You alone we live and give all that we have even though it will never be enough to match the gift that You have given to us.  Our offering is our life.  Our offering is the way that we choose to live our life.  Do we live to glorify our Father in heaven in every word, thought and action?  Or do we live to glorify ourselves and the ways of this world?  Let us give thanks to God by sharing our faith and not hoarding it.  Our time is the greatest gift that we can give so help us to use our time in this life to further Your vision and not ours.   So that when we are with You in heaven, the seeds that we sowed in this life will continue to grow in the lives of others for generations to come.    The truth of the Gospel is that God and His love endures forever beyond our lifetime and beyond this world.

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Lord, You gave us this life. You gave us Your love, forgiveness and grace. And You gave us this place called New Song. You bless our lives in so many ways by these gifts. Thank You Lord. Help us to bless others as You have blessed us. We thank You for inspiring those that led us into this faith. Their actions have affected our lives today. They have affected us because all of the different roads of our lives have led to this moment and place. Yes, our choices will affect our lives but our choices will also affect the lives of many. Many of whom we will never even know. So, let our choices pave the way for others to find Your truth. Let our choices make a difference beyond our lifetime. Let our grandchildren and great grandchildren know of Your love because of the legacy that we leave for them: the legacy of our faith and commitment to Jesus Christ. We live because You gave us this life. Help us to give back to Your vision for this world.

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Let our light shine

We are blessed.  Lord, we are blessed by You.  You are in the air that we breathe and You are in each moment that we get in this life.  Our lives are absolutely full of Your glory and Your goodness.  It’s just a revelation of Your truth that is constantly bombarding at us at every moment and from every angle.   Days vanish like smoke.  Seasons may change but You remain.  So let this be written into the story of our lives that a future generation of people not yet created will know of God’s love for them because of the actions that we make in this life.  You gave us life so we could live it.   You bless us so that we can bless others.  You forgive us so that we can forgive.  So let this light in our heart shine.  Let it shine beyond the limitations of this world and beyond the limitations of our lifetime so that all people can be led to You.  So when it’s all said done, and we stand before our Maker, we pray that this life was lived by loving others as much as God loves us.

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Posted by on November 4, 2012 in Conversations with God