Stop the fighting

27 Sep
LV Rescue Mission

LV Rescue Mission

O Great Redeemer, thank You for another day. Thank You for Your forgiveness and Your mercy.   Thank You for Your grace, that surrounds us no matter what we’ve done or not done.   Lord, give us the wisdom to understand that in this house there is no class, no race, no gender or anything that would separate us from our creation.   There is no us or them. There are only broken sinners in need of community with God and with each other.

Stop the fighting. Stop us from sharpening our knives while we confess our sins to You and to each other.   It’s time to take care of the family of God. It’s time to take care of this world. It’s time to “take care of this house, for this house is a home for us all” (From the musical “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” by Alan Jay Lerner / Leonard Bernstein).

“This step is once again our first. There is no journey gone so far (that) we cannot stop and change direction. Our hands can choose to drop the knife. Our hearts can choose to stop the hating. Every moment of our life is the beginning” (From the musical “Children of Eden” by Stephen Schwartz) not the end of God’s dream for our lives.

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