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Be our vision



Almighty Creator, thank You for being the constant source of our strength and hope in good times and in the bad.  Some of us are scared.  We’re scared to talk to You and sometimes we allow our fears to overshadow our faith in You.  Calm our fears Lord.  We fear, we doubt and we question what you are capable of but helps us instead to trust in You.  To trust in Your possibilities and not our own.  Your victory walks with us even in the face of death and despair.  We are never alone.   So as we walk through the many dark valleys of this life, be our light, be our vision and be our friend. Help us to see things as You do because nothing is impossible with You God.

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Trust in You

Jesus Holding Man

We thank You for the miracle of each breath that we take.  We thank You for being able to wake up this morning.  We thank You for Your grace and love that extend far beyond our understanding.  Thank for Your Truth and Your Word.  There are sometimes in life when we fall down and we feel like we don’t have the strength to get back up.  And we wonder what’s the point of trying.   Shelter us from the storms of this life.  Sometimes You calm the storms and other times You hold our hand and walk with us through the storms…either way You are always with us.  We need hope to keep on going.  Give us the strength to love living this life…to smile.  Nothing is impossible with You Lord, and we need Your possibilities in our lives.  The possibility to be a better person.  The possibility to love others as much as You love us.  The possibility to experience a miracle.  If we ever needed grace, it’s now.  We need Your grace to heal us from doubting what the Lord is capable of.  We need healing of the mind, body and spirit.  Healing from addiction to things that lead us away from You.  We need to trust in You.  Build our faith.  Because Your word declares that if God says something that it will not return void.  We call on Your salvation, favor and Your portion.  We call on You.   We call on Your faithfulness to Your people because we believe in the awesome power of God.

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Tear down these walls

Creator God, hear our shouts of praises to You.  We thank You Lord for the gift of waking up this morning.  Waking up to this life.  Help us to truly live this life as You intended it Lord.  So many times we put life on hold and we miss so many moments and opportunities to experience and appreciate Your gift of time here on earth.   Instead we build up walls to hide our pain, our shame, and ourselves.   Tear down the walls of our fear.  Tear down the walls of our doubt.  Tear down the walls of our complacency.  Mend our broken hearts and build our faith in You so that we can pray by trusting in the One who first loved us. You, Lord, make all things possible.  Inspire us so that we can inspire others and this world to walk for the cause of Christ.

Destroyed brickwall
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