Courage to look at ourselves

13 Sep
Stained Glass window at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Henderson, NV

Stained glass window at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Henderson, NV

Lord Jesus, You are the One who bore the cross for all of our sins so that we could live.  Create a space within, where change can happen in our hearts and minds because we’re guilty of doing “anything…to avoid facing (our) own souls.” (C.G. Jung) Give us the courage to look at our own hearts and see what You see and not what we want to see.

We are not the activators of our own healing or growth. You are.   So strengthen us to take up our cross and walk with You. Help us to tell a different story of compassion. A story where we feed the hungry, aid the sick, and give to the poor because “whatever (we) did for one of the least of these (we) did to (You).” (Matthew 25:40)

Lord God, don’t let anything stop us from embracing the truth that we can make a difference in this world. Remind us that it’s not about tomorrow or yesterday. It’s about today. Right now, right here, with the God who will never leave our side. In the name of the all knowing and ever loving God we pray. Amen.

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