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Lord, You put us above all things. Above all of the other infinite possibilities worthy of the Living God… You chose to take on all of our mistakes so that we could be free from any burden that would keep us from You. Love is defined in the person that is Jesus Christ. The One who the world rejected has brought the world it’s salvation. Lord, build Your kingdom here in this city and in our hearts with You as our foundation. Shield us from temptation, doubt or anything that would keep us away from You. Help us to stop closing our eyes to the needs of others. Teach us to love as You love us and strengthen us to forgive others as You have forgiven us. It all starts with You, Jesus, so lead the way through and beyond the brokenness of this world towards Your hope and Your grace. Wash away our sins and make us new. Hope built on the world will crumble as the world crumbles into dust but hope built on faith in Christ Jesus is unyielding and will endure beyond the limitations of time. That’s the cornerstone of our faith built on nothing else but our belief in the One who has and will always believe in us.

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Lord, we come here today with good intentions.  We want to be better people, we want to know You more and we want to share Your love with those around us.  But there are things that get in the way.  Money, fame, people, success… are false idols and false friends.  Shatter these illusions and anything that we place higher than You.   These things cannot love us unconditionally, they cannot forgive us endlessly, and they cannot bring the hope of salvation that only comes from the sacrificial love of the one true God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  Even our mistakes, regrets, fears and short comings are not equal to You so put away the doubts that we have in Your possibilities for our lives and instead renew our faith in the One that we cannot see but who is always there… in and around us.  Restore the vision of Your people, O God, so that Your light and love shine bright.  You walk with us, Lord, You walk with us through the storms and valleys of this life whether we see You there or not.  Be our strength, our guide, and most of all our friend.


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Act now


Words can be empty, so fill our words with Your Holy Spirit and call us to action. It’s so easy to turn the other way and hope that someone else will do the right thing. Well, we can do the right thing. We can love our neighbors as ourselves. We can stop believing that our sins are somehow less sinful than the sins of others. We can help those that cannot help themselves. We can make a difference. Heaven on earth is possible. Help us to work as one united body for the cause of Jesus Christ so that all people can willingly let go of the guilt, shame, and regrets of the past and instead cling onto the truth of grace, mercy and salvation in Jesus Christ. Let us be Your hands and feet in this world. Let us shine Your light of possibilities in this place that so easily forgets just how much God so loves this world and it’s people

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Armor of God


Here we are Lord.  Here we are to worship and give thanks for all of the blessings that You share with us.  Sometimes people leave us and other times the world turns it’s back on us.  But You, God, are always there.   Protect our minds so that we can focus on our relationship with You.   Shield our hearts from the wicked and help us to trust in Your truth.   And lastly, anoint Your Word in our lives so that Your Holy Spirit can work through us and our lives can be a living testimony to others about what God can do in our lives.   Stop us from letting our will be done here on earth instead of Yours.  Give us the strength to live this life fully for the glory of the Lord. Remove the greed, selfishness and hate and restore us with Your love, compassion and forgiveness so that even when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we will fear no evil because You walk with us now and forever.  Amen.

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