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Confessing our mistakes is the beginning of the healing process. Forgiving others as we have been forgiven is the next. Lord, destroy the idea that we have in our mind that our sin is somehow less sinful than the sins of others. You told us that the most important commandment is to Love our neighbor as ourselves, not judge them as we should be judged. But Lord, we forget and we hold onto grudges. Help us to let go this baggage that weighs us down from experiencing Your presence in our lives. The good news is that it gets better. It does get better because of the intercession of Jesus Christ who gives us never ending grace from Almighty God: A grace that surpasses all understanding and reaches beyond the confines of time. You have forgiven us no matter what went wrong in this life. And it will be an even better place here on earth when we extend that same grace and forgiveness to our neighbor that was gifted to us by God. We are all prodigal children scared to be rejected by the One that we ran away from. Yet You, God, are always running towards us, desperate for us to open our eyes and to receive You. Help us Lord to go back to the simplicity of the gospel. The truth that You, God, are love in every form and that You do not offer us just a piece of grace but You give us grace in abundance. So when we think that what we do in this life is not important, then remind us just how much influence we have on the lives of others. We never know who might experience love, who might learn from love, or how they experience love. We can just “love.” So let’s drop the stones of condemnation and judgement for others as we would want those stones to be dropped for ourselves and our sins.

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Turn our eyes upon You

eyes covered

Lord, thank You for blessing us with another day.  You gave us this life so help us to live it fully.  Open our eyes to see things that we do not see because it’s so easy to see but not recognize.  It’s so easy to listen but not hear.  It’s so easy to say the right words and not follow through.    It’s unfortunate for those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.  But You Lord, see not as we see: we look on the outward appearance, but You see inside our hearts.  So change our hearts so that we can recognize how we can serve You and serve our neighbor.  We may not know each and every need of those in our lives but we can be to them as You are to us: A friend.   So as we turn to You in our times of joy or sorrow let us to also be there for others who turn to us.  Stop us from choosing not to see how we can help others because the way that we treat each other is the same way that we treat You.  If we want to be in full relationship with God then we need to be in full relationship with His people.    So as we pray for our needs today let’s also pray for the needs of others.  It’s never too late to pray.  You, Lord, will always hear beyond our words and provide grace, mercy and love.   Help us to do the same.

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Lord God, thank You for the gift of another day and another opportunity to live this life to our fullest potential.  Help us to be grateful for the blessings that we have been given.   The problem is that we always want more.  We want better.  And we want it now.  Stop us from being selfish with our money, our time, our possessions and even with our faith.  For all that is in the world, is not of God but is of the world.  And the world is passing away.  But You, Lord, are forever and You give us the gift of choice and free will.  So that even in our finest hour or our weakest moment we all can choose how this story called life will read.  So let’s redefine the legacy that we leave in this life by investing into the Kingdom of God and all of God’s people.  Help us, Lord, to let go of the successes and the failures of the past so that we can hold on to the truth that is Jesus Christ who allows us to not be the rich fool but instead gifts us the opportunity of being rich in God.  In the end, how can we measure our worth? Not in what we had but in how we lived this life.  Almighty God give us sufficient grace to follow You all the days of our life in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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