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The Lord is my shepherd


Lord God, thank You for another day. Thank You for the air we breathe. Thank You for the gift of life and for knowing each and everyone of us by name. You know our joys and You know our sorrows. You know us beyond any of our mistakes and You see us as a new creation in Your image. So many times, we are lost and don’t have a clue where we are going but You are always there walking right beside us and guiding us through the challenges of life. When we stray, You go out of your way to find us and lead us back to You. When our hearts break, You are there to mend the broken pieces with the hope of restoration and redemption. Steer us from anything that would keep us away from You. And even though we must walk through some very dark valleys, You are always with us so we don’t need to be scared. We don’t need to be scared because God is real. God is good. And God is there for us beyond the limits of time. He watches over all of us, throughout every moment, every laugh and every tear. Glory to God forever and ever. Amen.

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Pray for Boston

Thank You for the power of Your Holy Spirit that united so many people this weak in the midst of tragedy.  Lord, we don’t know why bad things happen but we do know that You will never forsake us and that the power of God will guide and strengthen us through whatever life throws at us.  Let the choices that we make in this life be an inspired reflection of the cause of Jesus Christ.  Helping those who cannot help themselves, giving without wanting anything in return, forgiving the unforgiveable and loving the unlovable.   And as we worship, may we truly worship You God, not for the accolades of praise, not so that others can hear or see how much we give, but instead as a means of saying thank You for loving us so much that You don’t see us for the mistakes and failures of the past but instead You see us as a new creation that has be redeemed through the intercession of Christ Jesus and His love.

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We pray for blessings, peace and comfort. It is You, Lord, who came to save the hearts and souls of each everyone of us. So in the good times, when the sun is shining and all is well, then we can praise You for blessing us. But when the world turns its back on us, when friends betray us, when pain reminds us of our humanness give us the strength to still praise You because it is You, Lord, who knows each and every one of our weaknesses and it is You who are the source of our strength and the strength of our life. Let us praise You, Lord, by living this life. Living this life in the Joy that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ. Knowing that because He lives we too can live fully in the knowledge that sin and death have no hold on us. That we are all redeemed children of our Heavenly Creator, the One who loved us even before we were born. Lead us, Oh Lord, far away from temptation and wash away the mistakes that we made in the past so that we can be Your sanctuary in this world. So Lord, prepare Your sanctuary in our hearts and let our lives be the proof of God’s love for all people.

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Thank You for the gift of another day. Thank You for the moments that we share as one body united in Christ. Thank you for the miracle of Your resurrection that melted away the chains of sin and death. Resurrect our love. Resurrect our faith in You. And resurrect the hope of the gospel in our lives. Surround us with Your healing and redeem us with Your Grace. Remind us that what we do to others we do to God. Let the Word of God speak to us today as it has to those who have gone before us so that the body of Christ here on earth will live on generations after we have taken our last breath. Guide us to help those whom we will never meet. Guide us to help those that we do not know. Guide us to help those that we do not like. Guide us to forgive others as we have been forgiven. So Lord, be the light unto our path and let us go out into this world and preach Your gospel of grace, mercy and forgiveness and only use words if necessary.

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