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We Remember


Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of life and the gift of remembering where our lives comes from.  Today, we pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the preservation of our way of life.  A life where we are free to worship You without fear of persecution.  But freedom comes at a cost.  All of those who gave their lives for our sakes mirrored the sacrifice that You made on the cross.   Even as You were nailed to the cross, You embraced all of us and all of our sins so that we could understand how You love us and why you are jealous for us.   Today we confess, we confess that it is by Grace alone that we have been saved by the free and unmerited gift of Your favor.   It is through our faith in the only begotten Son of God that we have eternal life.   It is through the Word of God, the Word made flesh, that we know that even as we walk through darkest of valleys we are never alone because You, Lord, are always with us.  Your truth marches on in all of us Lord.   So let’s live this life fully in the cause of Christ because there is no more time to hold on to past regrets or afflictions that are simply eclipsed by God’s Glory.

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Honor Thy Mother


Loving God, You have given every man and woman a mother that worked with You to give them life. No matter our situation, You have made it clear that we must honor our parents. We can honor them by loving them as You, our Heavenly Father, love us. We can lift them up instead of bringing them down. We can be thankful for their contribution to our lives instead of forgetting them. We can also forgive them as we have been forgiven. As the Body of Christ, here on earth, each of us has the opportunity to reflect God’s love to all people. So let’s love those that gave us life and give thanks to those who have nurtured, cared for, and taught us even if we were not their children. Let’s watch over every mother who is currently with child. And let us, as a community of believers, help strengthen their faith and the faith of those around them in the truth of Jesus Christ. And for the motherless child, the child that yearns for a mother that is not there, we pray that the church will rise up for those that cannot help themselves. And for those who grieve for a mother that has left this world, we ask that You keep the memories of love, family and honor ever etched into the memories of their children so that the love of God, that dwells in all of us, will also connect us and bind us together from generation to generation until the end of time. Thank You, Lord, for the gift of life and for the gift of those who raised us. As we honor them, we honor You. To God be the glory.

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One Body


Lord, there is so much diversity in the body of Christ. We all come from various backgrounds and experiences but we all share the commonality of being children of God. We all share in the gift that was and is Jesus Christ. So awaken our souls to embrace this gift that we share: The gift of God’s truth, grace, mercy and love. So that we can live this life as the redeemed people that we are. If we say all the right words and do all the right things but don’t share the in the same love that we are given by God then we have missed the point. The point that we are all connected as one body through You, Lord, because You don’t see our mistakes of the past and instead sees us made new in Your glory and in Your grace. We are the light of the world. We are all sinners and we are all saints that can be the salt of the earth that spreads the truth of the Gospel that unites all of us in a bond with our Creator and each other until the end of the age.

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