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What kind of examples are we for our children?

Time is nothing in Your eyes, and a single day is like a thousand years. The children in our lives today will be parents and grandparents tomorrow and the time that we spend with them today is everything for our future. Children don’t go to wars, children don’t condemn, and children don’t hate. They learn that from us. What is the example that we leave for the next generation? Do we condemn or do we encourage? Do we judge or do we forgive? Do we love or do we look away? In the evening of this life, we shall come before You with empty hands, for we don’t ask You, Lord, to count our works but instead we ask that You work through and in our lives so that everyone can know that You are God, You are love and that You are truth.  Help us to always remember what You gave us. You gave us Your love, Your forgiveness and Your Grace.

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We are more

Father, beyond the smiles and polite conversations that we see each day there are those who need healing. Healing of the mind. Healing of a broken heart. Healing from fear and doubt. Healing from loss. Healing from disease. Father, heal us today. Some of us feel that the problems in our lives weigh us down or that our mistakes and shame stop us from experiencing grace, forgiveness and love. And some of us have put our fear above God. We need to stop doubting just what our God is capable of. Bring us back to when we first believed and heal our faith in You, the one who sacrificed His only Son so that we could have a way to know the love of God. The love of God that proves that we are all more than just flesh and bone. We are more than wondering souls. We are all someone worth dying for on that cross at Calvary.

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Worth Dying for

Open up our minds to receive Your word and purpose for our lives. Lord, the devil and the ways of this world throw temptation at us and remind us of our failures. They try to convince us that we are not worthy of success, happiness or love. But here’s the thing, yes we are not worthy…but God’s grace, love and forgiveness are simply given to us as a gift. A gift that was paid for by one man’s life so that everyone could know just how much they mean to the Heavenly Father. See we are worth dying for. Our lives have a purpose. That purpose is to break down the walls of hate and injustice and to give witness to the never ending love of God, who does not see us for our mistakes, does not condemn us for the past, does not judge us for our failures. He lifts us up onto new possibilities that surpass anything the world has to offer. Whatever our situation, whether we know it or not, God is always there. So let’s not give up hope. Let’s give thanks to God the Father for His amazing love and His amazing Grace.

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Forgiveness triumphs over guilt and shame

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You let go of our mistakes

You let go of the mistakes that we’ve made. You make all things new in Christ Jesus. Help us to forgive like You. Forgive us when we think that our sins are cleaner or less sinful than others. Sin is sin, and we all need forgiveness and we all need to forgive. We cannot follow Jesus Christ if we are holding on to our mistakes or the mistakes of others. Help us follow You by following the example of Your life here on earth. The word made flesh, sent to earth not to condemn the world but to save it. So let us not condemn anyone but instead let us help lead all people towards the salvation that only Christ can bring.

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