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We came as sinners but leave as saints

We came as sinners

Merciful Creator, “You are the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End” (Rev. 22:13.) You are the only constant in the continuum of life. Connect us to You, to each other, to all times, to all places and to Your greater plan. Disengage us from the world, and silence the noise of the many and tune our ears to the voice of the One. The One who runs to His prodigal children who were lost but now are found.

We’ve carried too much, and we come to this house to lay down our burdens. It is time to leave the anger, leave the pain, leave the sadness and leave the fear at the foot of the cross so that we can find God in the spaces and moments in between life’s first cry and final breath. We came here today as sinners but we leave here as saints, redeemed by God, moving ever forward into the story of love, forgiveness, hope and grace.
















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