Fire of the Spirit

24 May


Lord God, You are forever creating something new and unexpected each and every moment of our lives. Let the “wind of Your Holy Spirit blow through (the walls) of staid tradition… (and) spin us around to see our circumstances in ways that we’ve never seen before” (Rev. Dr. Amy K. Butler, Riverside Church). Let us respond and react to Your Word now because life is too short to wait to be captivated by the heart of God.

Stop us from fighting each other so that we can start fighting for each other. Let us stand up for the sick, the poor, the needy and the marginalized. For as long as there is one person in need of kindness and compassion then the ministry of Christ is far from over.

Let us not close our eyes to the brokenness of this world or shut our ears from the truth of God. Because the way that we live our life can be seen by the blind and heard by the deaf. Let us live and love with the same mercy and grace that was given to us by God’s only Son.

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