Fall in love with life again

17 May
Front of Container Park, Las Vegas

Front of Container Park, Las Vegas

God of everything seen and unseen let Your infinite love flow through us as members of one community, one body, and one church.   Flush out the fears that linger in our minds by breaking down all of the barriers so that we can see each other as You see us: forgiven sinners redeemed by the same God.

Lord, transform our potential into Your now. Interrupt our routine, interrupt our life, interrupt our religion and lead us into radical growth so that we can fall in love with life again and make decisions based on integrity, respect and grace.

Your ascension into heaven is our glory and our hope. You lead us into eternity and we follow You into the new creation, the new covenant, between us and our Creator, so that all will know that life is not meant to be endured. It is meant to be enjoyed, and it is meant to be lived within and surrounded by the loving arms of God.

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