Empty us

19 Jan

PrayerLord Jesus, help us to enter into Your presence today.   Help us to hear Your Word manifest truth in our lives.  Help us to be still and just listen to You and to each other.  Help us to connect with You by taking the spotlight away from us so that we can focus our gaze on the light of Your truth.  We want to see how You see and we want to hear how You hear.  And when we stray or when our hearts turn cold, then empty us of selfishness, vanity and pride.   Help us to let go of any foolish thing that we think that we can hold on to in this life because the truth is nothing of this world will last forever except for Almighty God.  So let us do what You do: Let us love, help and nurture each other on this journey called life by emptying ourselves so that we can receive Your amazing grace. Lord, don’t let us assume that someone else will step up to the plate or that we have done enough.  For as long as we are blessed to live another day then surely we can do great things that will glorify our Father in heaven.  For “those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted” (Matt 23:12).

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