For as long as we still have breath

12 Jan
View of Las Vegas from New Song Church in Henderson, NV

View of Las Vegas from New Song Church in Henderson, NV

Almighty God, thank You for this gift called life. Forgive us when we forget how to live.  Forgive us when we walk away from the opportunity of experiencing and sharing Your presence.   We can share the gift of Christ’ salvation to anyone, anytime and anywhere, so get rid of the idea that we can only share the gospel on a Sunday morning.   And even through the trials and darkest valleys of this life let our light so shine that we may glorify our Father in heaven.  Let our faith in You not falter but, instead, be strengthened by Your Holy Spirit.  Let everything that You want to do in and through us be done.  For as long as we still have breath we can still do good works in His name.  Unite us in Your cause Jesus so that our bonds with You are manifested in all that we do: through our joys and sorrows.   Help us to pray for those that are close by yet so far away.  Guide us all back to Your Word so that we can live in freedom knowing that this world can never imprison the message of God’s grace, forgiveness, love and mercy.

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