Fix our gaze upon You

27 Oct
Three crosses in the front of New Song Church in Henderson

Three crosses in the front of New Song Church in Henderson

Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, No scholar could even grasp a second of understanding Your eternity yet You humbled Yourself and came down to earth so that we could know Love because You refused to exclude anyone from experiencing Your grace.    You are the example of truth and You show us how love works.  You teach us that no one is outside of salvation and that even the worst sinner can be redeemed.  Help us to believe in the reality of Christ so that we can show the world who You are through our lives.  Restore Christ church to what You meant it to be: One body united in the Word of God.   “And when the world throws our mistakes at our face, let us know that wherever Jesus is we shall be also.”  (Martin Luther).  So Lord, stop us from sinning because “sinning is the refusal to grow” (St. Gregory of Nyssa) and instead help us to grow from everything, even our mistakes and failures.  Fix our gaze upon You so that our hearts can change as we walk through the doorway of the gospel and enter into Your presence, sanctified and sustained by the Love of God.  God be with us.  Amen.

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