Our purpose

20 Oct
Art work from Mosaic Church in Miami Florida

Art work from Mosaic Church in Miami Florida

Lord God, we come into this place and ask that You lead us into Your presence so that we can experience all that is You.   Filter away anything that would prevent us from seeing or hearing what You need us to see and hear.  Our first purpose is to worship You, Lord, so let’s go beyond all of the right words and focus on right relationship with God and worshiping God with everything that is within us.  Breathe Your Loving Spirit into our troubled trembling hearts and let the love of God pierce through whatever blocks our vision so that we can see past the strangers that are in this room and instead see our brothers and sisters and treat them in the same way that we should treat you.  Break down the walls of our fear: The fear that we misspent time or the fear of things that have not even happened yet.  We need help beyond what we can do so that we can love others as You love us.  We need to turn away from sin and turn to You because You allow us to be free and You allow us to live Your dream for our lives with our eyes wide open.  So Lord, help us to be a blessing to each other and to You and let’s start by letting go of our crowns before the King of kings and just be lost in the wonder of the mystery that is the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

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