Grace Happens

22 Sep


Holy One, we come here today with all of our flaws, embarrassments and hang ups.  We come disconnected from a world obsessed with consumption and anonymity.   Let Your love break through the empty void of our lives so that You can reside in our hearts.  Heaven hear us now and lead us back to life.  Center our minds so that we can step into the story of scripture: the story of You, our Heavenly Father, and the unfathomable richness of Your love for us.  Speak to us beyond the sacred page so that we can apply Your truth in our lives: the truth that we are all loved so that we can love and the truth that we are all forgiven so that we can also forgive.  And even when we are buried under the mountains of our mistakes and regrets: Grace happens. Grace happened in a baby born in Bethlehem and grace happens in the kindness from one child of God to another. Lord, stir us away from temptation so that we can love as we are loved and let the love of Christ be the rich soil where our lives take root. So Lord, when the world abandons us help us to remember that we do not live on bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.  (Deuteronomy 8:3). 

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Posted by on September 22, 2013 in Conversations with God


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