A New Beginning

15 Sep


In the war of our minds, Lord, shine your light so that we can see past the darkness of this world and focus on You.  Give us the strength to stop hiding, to stop performing/pretending, and to stop going through the motions…Give us strength by leading us into Your presence.  And when doubt creeps in, remind us that You alone will comfort us in the most uncomfortable situations.  Just as You were there in the fiery furnace, You are here for us in every moment of our lives.  Give us wisdom to stop running away from You and instead let’s run to You abandoning all of the regrets and limitations of the past.  Let’s cling on to the hope and the promise of God’s salvation.  You meet us in places and times of our lives when we are so wrong and yet You make a miracle out of our messes.  Help us to step into Your miracle of life, into Your miracle of grace, forgiveness and mercy.  Be real.  Be here and be with us.  Print Your word on our mouths so that we can all be the light and salt of the earth that glorifies only You.  Let Your Word cut through every song, every piece of scripture, every word spoken and everything seen in this place.  Help us to experience the radical Grace of Almighty God as we have never experienced before by drawing us closer to You.  You are everything that You say You are and You will do everything that You say You will do.  Help us to trust in the One who will remember us even when the world has forgotten us.  Lord, bring us back to when we first believed.  Melt our hearts so that we know that this world and it’s limitations of death and sin do not win: The love of God wins.

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Posted by on September 15, 2013 in Conversations with God


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