24 Mar

Palm Sunday Cross Shadow

Thank You for the ability to live this life.  Thank You for each breath that we take.  Thank You for Your love, forgiveness and grace.   We welcome You as our King and Savior.  We also walk in the shadow of Your cross.   Lord God, strengthen our faith in You to go beyond the cheers of the crowd looking for an instant miracle.  For the crowd can be demanding and unpredictable. And the crowd is temporary and fleeting.  To build on the crowd is to build on a sinking foundation that cannot not support or sustain us.   Instead, let us build on the solid rock of Christ by living out our faith and not on empty words.  When the Hosanna’s fade and turn into words of hate, let us not be moved but instead let us hold on to the truth.  The truth that You, Lord Jesus, humbled Yourself to be like us, that You lived among us, that You loved us and that You died for us so that there would be no emptiness between us and the love of God. Lead us to the cross Lord, where Your love is and will always be…one scarred hand to the other.



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Posted by on March 24, 2013 in Conversations with God


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