I am redeemed

17 Mar


Lord, who do we say You are?  You are our friend.  We ask that You would mend the brokenness of the world and of our hearts today by casting out the darkness with the light of Your never ending hope.   Who are we Lord?  We are the saints and sinners who live day by day in this life.  We are the ones who proclaim Your glory.  We are also the ones who choose convenience over the Ten Commandments.   We are the ones who need forgiveness, grace and mercy.  We are also the ones who judge and condemn each other.   Regardless of where we are today, we all need a Savior to lead us away from temptation.  We need You, Messiah, to deliver us from evil.  We need the hope that only the truth of the Gospel can bring us.  That no matter what we are all loved, cherished, forgiven and made new by the God of infinite chances.  The God who doesn’t see our mistakes in the past but who sees us made new and clean in His image.  Let Your presence be known in our lives Lord.  Let Your love be known.  Let Your grace and mercy be known here on earth as it is in heaven.   For the Kingdom, the power and the glory are Yours forever and ever.  Amen. 



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