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Don’t let us forget

Northwest Community Church, Las Vegas NV

Northwest Community Church, Las Vegas NV

Lord, remove whatever keeps us from You. Calm our thoughts and focus all of our attention on You. Remind us that the hand that guides the planets also guides us.

You have wisdom that we don’t have, so guide us through the rocky terrain of life by illuminating the path that we need to take. And when uncertainty and doubt creep into our minds, reveal the strength of Your love in the truth of Jesus Christ, who is the point of impact when heaven collided with earth because God chose to meet us.

Don’t let us forget who You are. Don’t let us forget that because of Jesus Christ there is no dream that is impossible with God and that no prayer ever goes unheard. Don’t let us forget that there is always hope. There is always love. There is always the truth that sets us free from anything in this world. The truth that God love us all.

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