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Good News For Everyone

Good News For Everyone

Great Provider, we come to You today because we need You. We need Your strength. We need Your comfort.   And we need peace in our hearts and minds that only You can provide. We’re just imperfect people loved by a perfect God. We need a new heart, a new spirit and a new understanding so that we can be more like You.

“When our faith wavers, when our trust withers, renew us O God. Grant us confidence in You, large enough to move mountains, deep enough to receive all the goodness that you give” (Bread for the Day 2015, p 346).

We can never go where You, Lord, are not.   So open our minds so that we can side with the widow, the poor, the sick and the strangers among us who the world has kicked to the sidelines. Let’s share Your good news knowing that “if the faith that we share is not good news for everybody then it isn’t good news for anybody” (Rob Bell).




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