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One sinner to another

Park in Atlanta, Georgia

Park in Atlanta, Georgia

Great Protector, we give thanks and dedicate this time to You. Forgive us, if we asked You more than we thanked You. Help us to see that we are not the only ones in need of Your mercy.  Let Your music fill the silence of our hearts so that we can sing Your praise.

We’re sorry for words we said or didn’t say. We’re sorry for things we did or didn’t do. We come here to be cleansed from our mistakes, and to be made new.   Speak to us, lead us and guide us because we cannot be heroes of our own making. We’re just people who share the same brokenness and need the same healing. Let us just be still and know exactly who You are.

Lord, don’t let us be divided over the ways of the world but allow us to be united in the kingdom of God. Wrap us in the armor of truth, justice and love so that we can truly see those around us as ourselves and say to each other that “we’re sorry you’re heartbroken and we’re sorry that we’re not perfect, but we have a perfect love in Jesus Christ and we would love to share that with you right now and right here…one sinner to another.” In the name of the creating and sustaining God whose love knows no end.

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Give us life

I saw this picture at an office complex. You can see my reflection behind Jesus.  I kinda like that.

I saw this picture at an office complex. You can see my reflection behind Jesus. I like that statement!

Lord God, we are grateful that You hear us…that You listen to each and every prayer that we lift up to You in this place and in our hearts.   Speak life into the darkness of death and prepare us now to receive Your forgiveness, grace and the new life that is given to us because of the sacrifice of Your only son, Jesus Christ.   Show us how this life works and let our hearts beat with the same pulse of Almighty God.  For it is You, Lord, who gives us worth because You value us.  You took on everything that is ugly about us and You put on all of our burdens on that cross.  You give us redemption.   You give us escape from the limitations of this world.  You give us life. And even though we don’t have it all together, and probably never will, You still look on us with love and remind us “that no matter how much time we’ve wasted in the past we still have infinite tomorrows with Jesus Christ.” (Billy Graham).   So as we confront the reality of the cross, let us remember, “it is not how many days we have left in our lives but it is how much life we have in our days that count.” (Ed Ly Stevenson).   Help us to live as You live in eternal grace.  In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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