We walk with God

26 Jun

We Walk With God

Lord God, capture our spirits and hearts today so that we can make sense of the purpose that You have for our lives.   Help us to see the church beyond the confines of these walls because, “every human being shares in the image of God” (Pastor Eric Shafer) and no sin is beyond forgiveness.   Unite the young and the old. Bridge the gap that divides. Help us to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done so that Your kingdom on earth can be and will be as it is in heaven.

There will be moments in our life that we will never be ready for, but You, Lord, are always ready with a strength that is everlasting. So let us not allow our hearts to shrink or be troubled. Instead let us be open to a love that surpasses all understanding. “Love is many things.  But one thing love is not is unsure” (Maya Angelou) and we only walk with God when we move forward with love.

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