Remind us what we’ve forgotten

06 Dec
Remind us what we’ve forgotten

Light of the world, chase away the darkness in our lives and in our hearts.   Strengthen us to speak truth even if our voice shakes. Remind us why we hope and what we hope for because, “the world can’t be fixed now…it has to be healed. And healing is not an event. It’s a process” (Marianne Williamson).

Remind us what we’ve forgotten: that we are all co-inhabitants of the same world house and have to live together. Shift our thinking, so that we can see Your light in each and every person that comes our way.


As we wait for You, we dwell in the mystery of faith and the glory of the gospel: that You humbled Yourself and became one of us so that Hope would overcome anguish, regret and fear.   You are the bridge that closes the gap between the divine and the human, the lost and the found, the sinners and the saints. That’s why we seek Your presence. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we live.


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