No one can take away God’s blessings

22 Nov
No one can take away God’s blessings

Almighty One, You are the author of salvation and life everlasting. Thank You for laughter, love, friends and family. Thank You for being our shelter from a dark world.   Thank You for being the only constant in our lives.

Help us to identify with You so that we can have the audacity to love each other as You love us. Challenge us to “read Your word, live Your word, and to be Your word” (Rachel Garcia) so that we can let go of our will and let Your will be done in our hearts and in this world.

Because of Christ, nothing and no one can take away any of the blessings that the Lord God has given us. The “death and resurrection of Jesus Christ removes the distinctions that we have created amongst ourselves” (Rachel Garcia) so that Love, not judgement or condemnation, can be the lens in which we see each person in this room and in our life as fellow children of the only living God.





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