Transcend the errors in our thoughts

25 Oct

Praying Hands Christian Stock ImageGreat Redeemer, thank You for Your Living Word that abides within us. We’re sorry when we’re silent about our sins and all the ways that we stray from You. We pray that You would speak truth into our silence and open our ears to hear the whispers of Your Holy Spirit by anchoring us in Your Word.

Open our eyes to the glimpses of our own humanity so that we can understand “that there is not one thing that we can do to make God love us any more, or any thing that we can do to make God love us any less” (Rev. Ed Bacon). All we need to do is seek the One who is always seeking us.

Transcend the errors in our thoughts so that we can “put away all bitterness, wrath, malice and anger… (Show us how to) be kind, tender-hearted, and forgiving of one another, as God in Christ has forgiven us” (Ephesians 4:31-32). Yes, we “sin continually. But Christ has died, and forever lives (within us), as our Redeemer, priest, advocate and King” (Martin Luther).




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