Only one category

02 Aug


Great Provider, let us be aligned with You, O God. Mend the broken and embrace the forgotten. Remind us, that “our glory cannot save us, but the Glory of God is eternal” (Jonathan Cahn).   Speak to us directly and cure the infection of hate, so that we can be propelled into the Light of the world and be instruments of healing.   Don’t let us get lost in the desert of unused life.   Open up the floodgates and wash away the hurt and the shame.   And from our nothingness, create in us a clean heart and a clear mind that seeks You in everything that we do.

Calm the storms when we are overwhelmed by the hunger of the multitudes. Remind us that it is not what we have that will provide but that God will always provide when we come up short. “In Jesus, there is not one category of people who heal and one who need wholeness.   There is not one category of people who minister and one who needs care. There is just one category: Hungry sinners in need of a Savior” (Nadia Boltz Webber). So let’s claim our miracle today and grab hold of the only truth that matters: That there is salvation and hope in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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