So Shall We

07 Jun
Cross at St. John's Lutheran Church in Mounds, Minnesota

Cross at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Mounds, Minnesota

Lord God, “be in our head and our understanding” (Sarum Primer, 1558), for You are not so much the object of our knowledge as you are the cause of our wonder” (Kallistos Ware). Let Your good news come crashing down into the deserts of our hearts and invite us to join in the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Like a wind, take us to where it is that You go, so that we can live beyond ourselves. Communicate to us the mystery that is God and the truth that we don’t have all the answers. Give us the strength to dream and the courage to inspire others on their journey towards salvation and everlasting life.

You give us the gift of living in between the now and eternity. Let us dare to fight for the weak, poor and the forgotten.  Jesus extends grace, love and mercy for all people. So shall we.  Jesus identified with the outcast, the lowly and the despised.  So shall we.  Jesus gave healing and forgiveness. So shall we. Lord, “don’t let us transmit our wounds unto each other, but instead help us to transform others and to change the world” (Rev. Ed Bacon).

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