Take Up Your Cross

22 Mar

St. James Lutheran Church in Crystal Minnesota

St. James Lutheran Church in Crystal Minnesota

Lord God, we come here today so that You can pour Your Spirit into the deserts of our lives. Teach us how Your love knows no limitations.   It walks on water, it raises the dead and it connects us with our Creator. When all else fails, the love of God never fails. So release the gospel into our story so that we can step into our function as children of God and messengers of truth.

 “Authenticity takes courage (Bishop Yvette Flunder).” Faith in Jesus, goes beyond words, it calls us to action. Yes, we may take up our cross but it is Jesus who carries it. “He has a purpose in even the things we cannot understand (Romans 8:28).” So Lord, give us courage, give us strength and give us the vision to pursue Your dream of a healed world. And when doubt creeps in, give us the wisdom to know that “God doesn’t call the qualified. God qualifies the called (Mark Batterson).”


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