The Same Love

03 Jul
Altar of Atonement Lutheran in Minnesota

Altar of Atonement Lutheran in Minnesota

Lord of all creation, space and time, we thank You for the gift of each breath that we take. We pray that You will usher us into Your presence today by taking our gaze off of ourselves and fixing all of our focus on to the living Word of God.

Grab hold of us and let Your truth pour out into our hearts so that we can receive everything that You have to give.   And even when taking one step forward seems too far away, we pray that You would just give us the strength to just get through the awkwardness of trusting You, so that we can believe in the miracles of grace, healing, love and forgiveness.

Give us the strength to face our fears knowing that God is in our side and that God’s love has already won the battle. Reveal to us that despair is not our destination because we never ever have to face these mountains alone.

Through Your Son, Jesus, we can face the cross and experience the presence of the Living God now, today and forever.   For as long as there are people who need healing of the heart, mind, body and spirit, then we can all serve the Lord.  We can serve the Lord by serving all of God’s children with the same love that served us on the cross.

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