The Love of God

09 Mar
Front of Container Park, Las Vegas

Front of Container Park, Las Vegas

Lord God, “because You are our help, we sing in the shadow of Your wings.   We cling to You as You hold and shield us from the many challenges of this life (Paraphrase of Psalm 63:7).”   Let our hearts echo Your grace, love and forgiveness.   Just bring us back into the love story that is Jesus Christ: The story that towers over the wreckage of time.   Remind us of who we are and where we came from, so that we can just be a child of God and experience Your presence.  We have all acted out and we have all questioned and doubted You, but You have never given up on us.  You are there for every wound, tear and trial that comes our way.  Brings us back to the basics…the core values of our faith in Christ so that even if the world does not want us, the cross tells us that God does. And when the pages close on this life, may our faith be the purest expression of the One and His love for the many.  Let the love of God be revealed to all.

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