We have never been alone

09 Feb

New Song Kids Tile

Lord God, beckon us back to You and to the holiness of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.   Let Your love be the driving force that allows us to fully live this life by letting go of whatever happened in the past, so that we can set our gaze on the future that You have planned for us.   The truth of the gospel is the doorway that we enter into Your presence, so clear our minds and hearts of any baggage that would distract us from experiencing You, and let us be sanctified and sustained by Your Holy Word.  Take away any notion or idea that there is anything that we can do to win a battle that has already been won for us by Christ Jesus.   Let our lives simply be a living offering to the God who has set us free.  We are not alone.  We never have been.  The love of God alone covers us and seals us in His grace, mercy and never-ending love.

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