Love our neighbor as ourselves

02 Feb


Lord God, there are numerous ways to reach You but right now we ask that You bring us into Your presence in this Holy place.   We all have our reasons for being here.   We seek comfort, solace, refuge, encouragement, healing and most of all friendship.  Let us know that we are not alone and bring us back to You and back to the passionate heart of when we first believed in the truth of our salvation through Christ Jesus.  Unleash the truth of Your holy word and leap out of the pages and into our lives so that we can all experience Your amazing Grace.   We live in a world that says that there is no room but You say different and encourage us to dream with our eyes wide open to God’s possibilities. The Word of God is expressed in what we do with our lives and not just the words that we speak.  We are all shoulder-to-shoulder in the kingdom of God and when the world knocks us down, then we can all help each other to get right back up again and join the body of Christ here on earth.   Lord, help us to care about our neighbor…whoever and wherever they may be.

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