Bring us back to You

15 Dec
From Evangelical Lutheran Worship Hymnal

From Evangelical Lutheran Worship Hymnal

Lord God, thank You for allowing us to come into Your presence and experience Your grace, mercy and love.  You are in the business of changing the world and changing lives.  We ask that You would change whatever needs to be changed in our hearts and minds so that we can be the people that You made us to be: People of compassion, forgiveness and hope.  And even though we may wander, just help us to listen and hear Your constant voice that will always lead us back to You.  Bring back joy into this life.  Bring back hope.  And bring back the love that we should have for each other. Clear away any of the nonsense that would distract us from accessing our faith so that we can live this life confidently knowing that this world is not our home because we have been promised a life after this in eternity with the Heavenly Father through the sacrifice of His only Son and by the power of His Holy Spirit we have all been saved forever.

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