Bless the Lord

24 Nov
Art provided by New Song Church in Henderson

Art provided by New Song Church in Henderson

Thank You Lord for this day.  Thank you for the air that we breathe.  Thank You for emotions, thoughts, and everything that we feel and experience in this life that let’s us know that we are alive.  Let us let go and let God so that we can come into Your presence with a grateful heart and never forget or take for granted the many ways that You bless us.  We come to You with both our successes and our failures and ask that You reach deep into our souls and release us from the past so that we can move forward in the future that You have in store for us.  Fill our lives with all that is good and when we cross the line please be patient with us.  Only You know how much time and breath each of us have left in this life, so give us the wisdom to live fully in the cause of Christ so that we can step into the miracle that is God’s unfailing and never ending love for all people. Let us praise You God, in everything that we do, and let our faith shine in every word that we speak, every thought that we think and every step that we take so that all people who see us will experience the awesome and life changing love of Almighty God whose mercy and grace endures forever.

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