You are able

10 Nov
Artwork from New Song Church

Artwork from New Song Church

Lord God, You are the source of every blessing in our lives.  You bless us each time that we breathe and each morning when we wake up.   We ask that You clear away anything that would take us away from You.  Give us the wisdom to stop worshiping things that are just not worth it because those things are not God.   Stop us from performing and give us the courage to just be real: To be real with others as You are with us.   Tune our hearts to the newness of Your love each day so that we can stop focusing on the negative and instead focus on something great: The greatness of Your love, grace and mercy.   Help us to look past the smiles today so that we can see the needs of our brothers and sisters in this very room and in our lives.   Be the God of our hearts and minds because You alone are able to accomplish the impossible.  Worshipping You, Lord, is more than just a song, it’s more than just the right words, and it’s more than just one hour on Sunday.  It is a way of life.   Help us to make time for You so that we can just be still and know that You are everything that You say You are.

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