As It Is In Heaven

06 Oct
Artwork from Mosaic Church in Miami, Florida

Artwork from Mosaic Church in Miami, Florida

Lord, change the atmosphere of our lives because we focus on too much of what we need from You that we forget to listen to Your word and hear what You ask of us.  Wake us up from the stagnant rigidity of complacency so that we can wrap our minds around Your truth and begin a transformation in our lives.  Dim down the lies of the empty voices of the world and turn up the volume of God’s truth for all because we forget what we can do for our neighbors.  We forget that there are people right next to us, in this very room, who can benefit from our praise and worship to God.  We forget that others can benefit from a smile, a prayer, or a helping hand.   Help us to bring church outside of these walls, outside of this one-day of the week, and outside of this one hour.  Don’t let us sleep through Your presence.  Don’t let us be too busy for You because this neighborhood should be better because we are here.  People struggling with addiction should find courage and strength because we are here.  The sick and the dying should find comfort because we are here.  The broken hearted should find hope because we are here for them.  We are here because we serve a Living God who looks beyond our imperfections and sees us in His possibility, living in His miracle, and receiving His salvation. Lord, give us the wisdom to grasp the reality that when we leave this life “we will finally meet our brothers and sisters, not in our agreements or disagreements, but at the foot of the cross where God is faithful, where Jesus is present with us and where, with the power of the Holy Spirit, we are One in Christ.”  (Bishop Hanson, 2009)

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