He is Risen!!!

31 Mar


Help us to see the big picture. Beyond ourselves. To not just follow the crowds but to follow the One who showed us the endless love of God. Help us to praise You beyond the good times and through the bad times. You will never forsake us in our time of need. You rejoice in our happiness and Your heart breaks in our sorrows. We are not alone…You, Lord, are always with us and Your love knows no bounds. Look, it doesn’t matter where we are in this life because we’ve all messed up in someway or the other. We need to let these regrets go and give them to God. The past is not our legacy. Yesterday does not define who we are or who we are going to be. Because we are all redeemed children of God, we are all accepted, we are all loved, we are all forgiven for whatever we did or think we did. And just as this season changes from winter to spring You, Jesus, bring us new life and a new start. The promise that this life is not the end. In Christ there are no good byes, in Christ there is no end. Because of the sacrifice on that cross death has no hold on us. The battle is won, God is with us. Christ is risen, Christ is risen indeed. Hallelujah!!!

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Posted by on March 31, 2013 in Conversations with God


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