Cast the first stone

03 Mar


Write into the story of our lives as you wrote in the sand. The story of how much God loves His children that He gave us the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, so that all would know just how important we are to the Creator. To give a gift is to give of something that we would want for ourselves. We all want to be loved so we should love others as You love us. We all want to be forgiven for our mistakes so we should forgive others as You have forgiven us. We each want mercy not judgment so remind us of the mercy that you give us everyday when we judge others. When we judge…why do we judge? We are all wonderfully and fearfully made in Your image yet we boast in casting words of stones on others who we say are unclean but have  You not washed away all of our sins and made us all clean?  Humble us Lord, when we think our authority is higher than Yours. Our commitment to the Word of God is revealed in what comes from our hands and not from our lips. How we treat others is only a reflection of how we view our relationship with You, Lord. So build our relationship with You and with each other clothed in the love of Jesus Christ. The One who put us above all things, including His own life, so that we could always have a second chance with God.

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Posted by on March 3, 2013 in Conversations with God


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