Act now

10 Feb


Words can be empty, so fill our words with Your Holy Spirit and call us to action. It’s so easy to turn the other way and hope that someone else will do the right thing. Well, we can do the right thing. We can love our neighbors as ourselves. We can stop believing that our sins are somehow less sinful than the sins of others. We can help those that cannot help themselves. We can make a difference. Heaven on earth is possible. Help us to work as one united body for the cause of Jesus Christ so that all people can willingly let go of the guilt, shame, and regrets of the past and instead cling onto the truth of grace, mercy and salvation in Jesus Christ. Let us be Your hands and feet in this world. Let us shine Your light of possibilities in this place that so easily forgets just how much God so loves this world and it’s people

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Posted by on February 10, 2013 in Conversations with God


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