Come, Messiah

09 Dec

Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly into the darkness of this world. Let Your light shine into our hearts and minds so that we can see beyond the limitations of our perspectives and instead focus on the fact that You chose to humble Yourself in human form so that all would know that God is always with us. Emmanuel. Let Your words inspire our words. Let Your love for us be the same love that we have for each other. And let Your grace, mercy and forgiveness be the model for the way that we live our lives. You reach out your hands to each and every one of us through every moment of our lives. We are never alone. So teach us to reach out our hands to all of God’s children in the same way that You do for us. That is the true revelation of story of our Savior: that God is always with us and that God, Himself, will never leave us.



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Posted by on December 9, 2012 in Conversations with God


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