11 Nov

Lord, You gave us this life. You gave us Your love, forgiveness and grace. And You gave us this place called New Song. You bless our lives in so many ways by these gifts. Thank You Lord. Help us to bless others as You have blessed us. We thank You for inspiring those that led us into this faith. Their actions have affected our lives today. They have affected us because all of the different roads of our lives have led to this moment and place. Yes, our choices will affect our lives but our choices will also affect the lives of many. Many of whom we will never even know. So, let our choices pave the way for others to find Your truth. Let our choices make a difference beyond our lifetime. Let our grandchildren and great grandchildren know of Your love because of the legacy that we leave for them: the legacy of our faith and commitment to Jesus Christ. We live because You gave us this life. Help us to give back to Your vision for this world.

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Posted by on November 11, 2012 in Conversations with God


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