30 Sep
Lord, You gave us words.  You gave us words to speak, sing, write and think.  But what do our words do?   Do our words reflect the Grace and Glory of the One who died for us?   Do we gossip or lie about others?  Our words are created by our thoughts, our thoughts are inspired by our hearts, and our hearts should be placed in the hands of the One who first loved us.   The words that we say can have a lasting effect on those that we know and those that we will never meet.  So guide us Lord to choose our words wisely so that they can uplift and encourage.  Words like love, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, grace, honor and dignity.   You gave us these words “For God so loved the world…” and if we truly love God, then we should speak words of His truth and His salvation to all people and stop the condemnation of other members of God’s family.   True grace and mercy can come only from the source of our strength and inspiration that is Jesus Christ.  Let us learn from His words, the words in red, red as the blood that was spilled for all of us so that all people would know that they are forgiven and that they are loved. 
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