As long as we still have breath

10 Sep

calvary's cross

Heavenly Father, You sent Your only Son to this World, not to condemn this world or to condemn people for their mistakes…You sent Your son to save them. Let this place be as Your kingdom is in heaven. No matter how old or young we are, as long as each of us still has breath in our lungs, then we still have much work to do for the Kingdom of God. If we can still speak words, then we can still minister His love to all people. If we can still move, then we can reflect His grace in every step that we take in this life. If we still sin and ask for His forgiveness and mercy, then we can surely forgive others and be merciful. Because we are loved by the Almighty Creator as a creation in His image then we too can love all people as He loves us. Yes, we are different in many ways from one another but Christ died for all of us so that we can see just what real love is. See, we can argue about doctrine but we cannot refute the commonality of God’s people and His relationship with us. So to God be all the glory in our actions, words, and thoughts. Amen.

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