You Are, You Were and You always will be

02 Sep

Cross in Frame

Lord God Almighty, You are, You Were and You will always be Yahweh, Jehovah…the One who gives and takes away. Thank You for the gift of this life, and this thing called time. Father, we want the problems in our lives to fade away, some of us are just burnt out with the pressures of life, and it’s so easy to look away from seeing You in our lives. Yet, even when we feel that there is no one there to hold us through the fears and pains. You are, You Were and You will always be there for us through every doubt, every fear, and every road that we take. You see our tears. You hear our cries. We’re sorry for our doubts in You and in ourselves. Help us to see each other as You see us. A perfect creation in Your image, a child of God, someone worth dying for. You live, You love and You are always with us through the good and especially the bad times. Help us see that…

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Posted by on September 2, 2012 in Conversations with God


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