Worth Dying for

12 Aug

Open up our minds to receive Your word and purpose for our lives. Lord, the devil and the ways of this world throw temptation at us and remind us of our failures. They try to convince us that we are not worthy of success, happiness or love. But here’s the thing, yes we are not worthy…but God’s grace, love and forgiveness are simply given to us as a gift. A gift that was paid for by one man’s life so that everyone could know just how much they mean to the Heavenly Father. See we are worth dying for. Our lives have a purpose. That purpose is to break down the walls of hate and injustice and to give witness to the never ending love of God, who does not see us for our mistakes, does not condemn us for the past, does not judge us for our failures. He lifts us up onto new possibilities that surpass anything the world has to offer. Whatever our situation, whether we know it or not, God is always there. So let’s not give up hope. Let’s give thanks to God the Father for His amazing love and His amazing Grace.

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Posted by on August 12, 2012 in Conversations with God


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