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Love chose us

New Song Crosses

New Song Crosses

Lord, thank you for bringing us into the beginning of a new day, a new week, and a new chance to do better things.   “Open our minds to an awareness of our unbelief, so that we might remember our transgressions and turn with all of our hearts to You, O God” (St. Patrick) because You have faith in us even when we don’t have faith in You.   Give us the courage to close the doors when it’s time to move in a different direction. Don’t let anything stand in the way of Your light and Your truth.

“So many of us spend our whole life imagining ghosts and worrying about the future but all there will ever be is what’s happening here (and now) and the decisions we make in this moment are based in either love or fear” (Jim Carrey). God is love, the One where love comes from, the One who loves us, and the One who is the source of our love for each other. Love chose us and love dwells in us. Let Love silence our fears and insecurities as we ponder the mysteries of faith in the Triune God.





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Bridge the gap


Holy Spirit, bridge the gap between our hearts and the heart of our Creator because “no sinner ever comes to Christ until the Holy Spirit first comes to them! And no sinner will savingly believe on Christ until the Spirit has communicated faith to them” (Arthur Pink). Communicate to us, O Lord, and interrupt the superficial chatter that permeates this world. Drop our façade of perfection and bring comfort to a disarrayed mind. Move in us and through us. Don’t let us hinder the flow of the Word of God. But instead, let us be beacons of light that reflect Your message of love, compassion, justice and mercy for all people.

“God creates faith in the human heart the same way that He created the world. He found nothing and created something” (Martin Luther).  Together, with one another and with our Creator, we can make a difference that will send ripples and waves throughout the oceans of time, so that every generation and nation will know the indestructible love of Almighty God.


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Let the church arise


Loving God, make this a moment of awakening. Eliminate the distance that we create between the Creator and the created. Transcend the circumstances of our lives and allow the current of Your Holy Spirit, the waters of grace and mercy, to take us where we need to go. Expand our minds with whatever has shifted in our life so that we can let go of the things that we have no control over.

The only thing that we can control is how we choose to live and what we choose to learn. But we are always teaching each other by example. So make us reflections of You, O Lord, and let Your church arise.

As we journey further and closer to the day when we meet our Creator, we can trust in the truth that no matter what happens, we are safe in the arms of a God who will carry us into an even more beautiful story than what we could have ever thought of ourselves. So let’s just pause now and breathe in the experience of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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Held in the arms of the Creator


Downtown Las Vegas Sunset

Awesome Creator, quiet down the noise and speak in our silence. Connect us to Your Word by reconnecting us with each other. Capture our imagination. Lead us in Your direction as we lead others. Change the story that the world tells us because we cannot share in God’s love if we do not share in God’s compassion. Give us the strength to let go of limitations, mistakes and ego because only out of our nothingness can You create a new beginning and new possibilities.

Holding on to what was will only hold us back from living in the present, and we will miss life if we try too hard to shape the future.   All we have is now. All we have is God and each other. So let’s hold on to the truth, the truth that the created is forever held in the arms of the Creator one scarred hand to the other.




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Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall

“Spirit of the Sovereign Lord
Come and make Your presence known
Reveal the glory of the Living God

We do not seek Your hand
We only seek Your face
We want to know You
We want to see You
Reveal Your glory in this place

Let the weight of Your glory cover us
Let the life of Your river flow
Let the truth of Your kingdom reign in us
Let the weight of Your glory

Let the weight of Your glory fall…”

(Music and Lyrics by Steve Merkel)


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We need to love


Lord God, “Your mercy fills the space between our hearts and Yours” (Emilie Kirkpatrick). We’re here because we forget that we are always in Your presence.   We’re here because we need the strength of Your word to drown out the noise of this world.   Speak the truth that pierces through the darkness of our minds and hearts so that we will know that no matter what happens in this life, we do not need to be afraid to live in the victory of Christ.

Because of You, we can be the change. We don’t have to make the same mistakes that other people made before us. We can step outside of ourselves and see each other, one sinner to another, in need of the same grace, love and forgiveness. We don’t need judgment and we don’t need to judge. We need to love and love is the only way that others will know who and what we are.




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It is always time to be led by the Holy Spirit


“God our provider, You have not fed us with bread alone, but with words of grace and life” (ELW p. 64). Lord, stop our confusion because we seem to always be running to or from something. Always going in circles. Remind us that You are always right beside us.

We come here because we want more. We want a deeper relationship with You and with each other. We want to learn how to live a more fulfilling life. We want to know that we belong. We want so many things but the only thing standing in our way is doubt and fear. And the only thing stronger than our doubts and fears is You, the God who loves us so much that You sent Your only Son to die so that we could see just how much we are worth to the One who created us.

There is a time when we have to lead others but it is always time to be led by the Holy Spirit so that we can know that life is worth living.   Give us the knowledge that illuminates the world and the courage to believe in the impossible again. Let us be Your witnesses, Your advocates, and the ones who tell Your story. And when the world throws our mistakes back at us, we have the Word of God that tells us that “God has removed our sins as far as the east is from the west” (Psalm 103:12) and that “this world is not our home” (1 Peter 2:11).

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Everything starts with God

FullSizeRender 2

God of today, tomorrow and yesterday we thank You for the time that You gift us in this life.   Help us to see that You are our shield from an unforgiving world. Create clarity in this moment so that we can let go of things that don’t matter.   Reveal to us the things that we need to strip away so that we can clearly see our purpose in Your story.

Everything starts with an idea…a vision. Be the vision that is the foundation of each thought we have. So that every word we say and every step we take is rooted in the truth of the Word of God.

“For not our righteousness but the righteousness of Christ, reconciled us to God and redeemed us from sin” (Martin Luther). Because of Christ, we can be the voice for those too afraid to speak. Because of Christ, we can be the change needed to impact this world. Because of Christ, we know God’s love. And we “encounter God every time we encounter love” (Rev. Jeff Hood). So let us experience love now and forever.



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It all starts with God



Creator God, thank You for Your presence that never leaves us.   Teach us how to start this week with You as the focus. It’s so easy to focus on ourselves, but doing so will not reveal our life’s purpose. Help us to be open to the possibilities of God. Rearrange our priorities so that we are not holding onto things because “a life devoted to things is a dead life, (but) a God-shaped life is a flourishing one” (Proverbs 11:28). Brings us back to basics. Bring us back to You.

In this place, we see many people but know only a few. Change that. And when life tries to confuse us or change our direction, remind us that everything starts with God. And God is the strength that we need to endure the storms of life.   God is how and why we can persevere beyond the imperfections of this life. God is everything that we need.

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You are the truth

LV Rescue Mission

LV Rescue Mission

Almighty God, be our vision so that we can see past the lies that surround us.  You are the only truth that withstands the wreckage of time. We come to You because we don’t have all the answers. We come to You because we need words of comfort and hope. We come to You because we need You. We need Your strength and support so that we can stop chasing the past or the future because all we have is now. Unfreeze the moments that hold us back from living. Transform us even when we think we can’t change.   Give us the courage to not be afraid to live or grow so that we can step into our purpose and unleash the gifts that You have given us.

In our darkest hour, remind us that Your Holy Spirit dwells within us and within every flaw of our being that is made perfect and new because of the sacrifice of the only Son of God who takes away the sins of the world.   Yes, we stand with You now, but You, oh God, have always and will always stand with us now and forever.


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